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Archaic Madness Pinball Machine

Archaic Madness pinball machine was delivered in June 1997 by Williams. Planned by Brian Eddy and modified by Lyman Sheats, Medieval Madness had a creation run of 4,016 units. It was a quick basic and famous achievement, procuring admirably on the spot and accomplishing far reaching ubiquity among gatherers. Interest for the machine before long surpassed supply altogether, and today it is perhaps the most collectible and costly machine.

A significant part of the game’s exchange was composed by Scott Adsit and Kevin Dorff, at that point, individuals from the Second City Mainstage in Chicago.


The focal point of the playfield is an enlivened palace with a solenoid-controlled portcullis and mechanized drawbridge. One of the game’s essential goals is to “annihilate” six palaces by hitting the palace’s entrance with the pinball. A particular number of hits will bring down the drawbridge, uncovering the portcullis; extra hits will make the portcullis rise, and shooting the ball into the palace entrance creates a blast impact straightaway grid show, a lightshow, and a sizable honor of focuses. Middle age Madness likewise includes two Trolls, enlivened focuses on that are ordinarily covered beneath the playfield, however can spring up during certain interactivity modes. Different targets can be scored by shooting the left and right slopes, the left and right circles, and the launch incline in the lower left corner of the playfield. The game’s slopes presented a licensed component that would forestall a bombed incline shot from depleting straight down the center between the flippers. [2]

Missions: In request to get to the Wizard Mode “Fight for the Kingdom” one needs to accomplish the accompanying objectives:

Joust Champion: Shooting the loop(s) propels Joust lastly lights Joust Madness.
Benefactor of Peasants: Shooting the left slope progresses the Peasants lastly lights Peasant Madness.
Sling Ace: Shoot the sling to shoot different things at the palace (Catapult Madness).
Safeguard of Damsels: Shoot up the right incline to propel the Damsel. The last shot up the pinnacle lights Damsel Madness.
Expert of Trolls: Light the Trolls by hitting the objectives before the palace. Gather the Trolls in “Merlin’s Magic” and polish them off by three shots at the head each to light Troll Madness.
Palace Crusher: Destroy the palace.
This large number of objectives must be rehashed a few times to get the relating embed before the palace to illuminate.

Palace Multiball: Light the Lock at the expansive side (opening to one side of the palace entryway) and lock three balls (same opening).
Multiball Madness: Each of the sub-missions (with the exception of “Palace Crusher”) can light an addition before “Merlin’s Magic”. Gathering somewhere around one can begin the Multiball by shooting into “Merlin’s Magic”:
Single Madness: 2 Balls.
Two to Four Madnesses: 3 Balls.
Five Madnesses: 4 Balls.
Farm Madness: Shoot all launch things at the palace.
Fight for the Kingdom This two-staged Wizard Mode begins once the player pockets the ball in the palace, with five balls on the battleground. In the main stage, the player needs to score every one of the Battle Jackpots by hitting the maddness targets. When every one of the Battle Jackpots have been scored, the second period of the mode begins and the player should hit the palace door multiple times, and get inside to score the last bonanza. Except if the player has any “Savage Bombs”, two savages will impede the entryway making hitting the door exceptionally testing. In the event that the player prevails with regards to scoring the last bonanza, all excess balls are depleted and the showcase shows the King of Payne’s destruction and Merlin reports you are the new King of Payne, and another game fires up, yet the score extends to the new game.
Game Features:

Flippers (2), Pop guards (3), Ramps (2), Autoplunger. A left-side sling drives ball airborne into a habitrail. Two spring up savages in playfield become dynamic during “Savages!” mode.

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Condition: Refurbished
Year Released: 1997
Dimensions: 29″ W x 58″ D x 76″ H
Weight: 250 lbs

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