We started out back in 1999 as The Pinball Village.  We originated from a desire to repair and restore pinball machines and a calling to supply top-quality restored machines as a quality pinball retailer.  We quickly gained a reputation for supplying beautifully restored pinball machines in the US and won many prizes at shows for “best-restored game”, now, added to our collection of what we sell are varieties of games.

All our machines are covered by our lifetime technical warranty, where we will always help you fix any problems with your machine. As we offer on-site repairs through independent technicians located throughout the country we can even arrange to come and have a look at it for you.

Yes, we will always take back our machines on part exchange, we will normally allow you a very good part exchange allowance off the new machine. Keep in mind you lose the VAT element of your purchase straight off. If we sell a game for $2800, we only get $400 for it, the rest goes to HMRC!

No. There’s just no point when all our games have free lifetime technical support and a TWO YEAR WARRANTY!

Yes, we will advise you upon a game to suit you – depending on what features you like, ramps, loops, combos, or just a good enjoyable machine.

NO, we will do not sell “as-is” or “unrestored” machines, we will only sell premium quality restored machines and new machines.

It is like buying a car off the main dealer or a backstreet garage, the main dealer always has their reputation to uphold and cannot supply anything but excellence and the backstreet garage will always be able to undercut them but cutting the quality of what they sell and thereafter.

It varies according to taste, theme and when a new model is released.

Hour Of Operation
Monday: 8-6PM
Tuesday: 8-6PM
Wednesday: 8-6PM
Thursday: 8-6PM
Friday: 8-6PM
Saturday: 8-6PM
Sunday: Closed

If you’re interested in employment opportunities at Pinball Village, please email us: [email protected]

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